Zack Snyder Followers Battle To Restore His Universe, However Is Ray Fisher’s Cyborg Film Off The Desk?

This has been a wild year for Zack Snyder fans, particularly those who have bought fully into his vision of the DC Universe. When this past year started, campaigns were still being waged to get Snyder’s cut of his 2017 Justice League movie released. By May, the unthinkable occurred, and HBO Max agreed to back Zack, releasing his full four-hour cut and giving him a budget to properly finish it. The fans were ecstatic, but in time, they grew to want more. You see, Snyder’s Justice League was always meant to be the next chapter in a five-film arc. Given it’s new placement on HBO Max, a streaming service in need of content, could the fans who helped Release the Snyder Cut move on and Restore the SnyderVerse?

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