Your EDM premiere: Dutch Occasion Heavyweight NOX for the discharge of the intro EP "Genesis"

In a year when events are pretty much null and void due to downtime, it makes sense for event companies to release music more than ever. After all, the artists want to publish more and the organizers know a lot of artists. Quite a few companies like Bassrush, Liquicity and Korsakov already had spin-off labels that are finding a lot of love this year, while others are either starting new labels or are working on them. NOX Events, a relatively new company from the Netherlands, is the youngest with its new multi-genre label LUX.

After NOX only started throwing gigs in 2017, NOX has already found a large fan base, as it has become a target rave for parties across Europe in the first two years of operation. Since they present multiple genres at their events (European festivals are often divided into genre lines), NOX appeals to ravers who want to see D&B, Bassline and Bass House all on the same night.

The aptly named Genesis EP, due out tomorrow, starts the LUX story with the same variety that made NOX such a quick hit. The sampler EP offers fluid D&B, dance floor, neurofunk and bassline house on four tracks. It starts surprisingly with a chill throwback liquid jam by the Austrian duo DubApe and Vertex and ends even more surprisingly with a debut bassline / bass house track by the new artist Coldline called "Bacon". Between these two high-quality bookends there is a heavy, steep neurotrack from another relative newcomer, Koarse, and our premiere track “Solar” from another duo, Alora.

Alora is also the duo behind LUX, as NOX resident DJ Madster and company boss Twan. Their first release as a duo was on the ProgRAM 100 late last year, with two subsequent singles on Rampage Records before starting the LUX imprint. So far, their style seems to have been dominated by dance floor vibes and fun vintage synth sounds, but in "Solar" and probably with the freedom of self-disclosure they definitely reinforced it.

The vintage vibes in “Solar” come in the form of early, somewhat trancy rave vibes as well as vintage synth sounds from the 80s. The main synth doesn't kick in until after the first drop, but it will definitely give GenXers and hipsters a great take on 80s synth pop and new wave, a’la A’ha. “Solar” is definitely a dance floor and an interesting mix of synth and party timelines with a clean, sharp kick beat and ambient beach sounds, which are probably the namesake of the track.

Starting a record label that not only covers multiple D&B subgenres, but also multiple EDM genres is a bold experiment, but why not? It worked for Monstercat, Wakaan, and a handful of others. With clean engineering, good A&R and a multi-genre event brand, the LUX light could certainly shine on a grand scale in 2021.

Genesis falls on LUX tomorrow, December 18. Pre-order / save here.

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