Your 15 Favourite Superstar Couples Reveal the Secrets and techniques to Their Lengthy-lasting Marriages

ABC News reporter Roberts isn’t always one for chit-chat. “I don’t like the check-in,” she explains. “If you’re calling just to say, ‘So, what’s up?’ no, I do not like that.” Everyone’s favorite TV weatherman, however, is a phone guy. And after years of chafing against his frequent calls, a pal said something that changed her stance. “One friend said to me, ‘Did you ever think that maybe he just feels comfortable when he hears your voice, because that tells him that all is right in the world?'” she recounts. “And I thought, ‘That’s very sweet. I’d never thought about it in that way. And if it means something to him, then it should mean something to me.'”

Now, she says, “I have learned to take a breath and say, ‘Sweetie, I’ve got some stuff going on, but what’s going on with you? Great. I’m glad to hear from you. Got to go. Talk to you later. Love you.’ That makes all the difference in the world to him, and it doesn’t kill me for two minutes to be nice and sweet.” They celebrated their 25th anniversary in September.  

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