Younger Buck: 50 cents kicked me out of the G-Unit for complaining about cash !!

Young Buck revealed why 50 Cent kicked him out of the G-Unit – he says it's because he complained about money.

"We were in a position to get back together for six months and out of nowhere, this interview comes out and it was one of those interviews where, before we got back together, I talked about getting no publication and never I've seen a royalty check in my career, "Young Buck told DJ Vlad.

"All I did was outside of the shows. Well that was the big and bold headline and it came across the 50s desk. He took this right away in a place from … to this day I know why, but now, at the time, He was so excited about it that Sha Money said, "Yo, we need to fix this, brother, the 50s trip over it." And I ask, "Well Sha, how do I fix this? It's the truth, I've never seen a license check. "He says," Yeah, I know, but we need to fix it. ""


Buck says that despite Fif's claims that he received $ 10 million while with the group, he did not.

Check out the rest of the interview below.

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