YØUNGBLØØD Heads Into 2021 with Stacks of New IDs & Annual Combine

YØUNGBLØØD has caught our ear on more than one occasion with his heavy, at times unrelenting, bass/trap productions — and we can expect plenty more coming 2021 from this next up producer.

From the creative mind that brought us “Playboy” and “Throw It Down” with BLOSSO, YØUNGBLØØD continues his hot streak with new singles “ROLLIN’” and “Nosebleed,” both featuring Damian Simmons. Also, a new collab remix with jistix, for UZ‘s “Fire.” Instead of writing up one production over another, we thought an artist spotlight would be more suitable with everything the LA-based talent has going on. 

After releasing on Nightenjin and Electric Hawk this year, YØUNGBLØØD is heading into 2021 full force. Read and listen along as we check in with YØUNGBLØØD — and hear the momentum in play out during his annual New Year, New Blood: IV mix, which airs tonight on Nightenjin’s Twitch channel. The 1 hour 40 minute mix, chock-full of IDs, releases tomorrow via SoundCloud and Audius.

Let’s go!

Background check! When did you start producing and when did you become YØUNGBLØØD?

So I began producing EDM back in 2014 by making prog house but I didn’t start making trap or using the YØUNGBLØØD name until about 2016. I discovered EDM actually through Breathe Carolina and Martin Garrix but I eventually found a love for Flosstradamus and Yellow Claw that brought me to where I am now.

Describe the YØUNGBLØØD sound in your own words…

We started calling my sound “designer trap” or “designer bass” I think at some point this year haha, but essentially I think of this project as a place to make music that I personally love listening to while pushing my musical boundaries to create something both cohesive and unique. I have a ton of music already slated to come out early next year and I still have plenty more to release beyond that including an EP that I really feel will reshape people’s image of my music and the YØUNGBLØØD project.

What can we expect from YØUNGBLØØD in 2021?

You can expect more music than I’ve ever released ever before as well as consistent streams and hopefully some shows in the summer (again, pandemic permitting). I’ll be putting out at least one EP if not two along with plenty of singles. I’m also planning on putting together a special pop-punk side project with some people I’ve worked with in the past to let me revisit my roots of when I really got into performing music. I also have a ton of collaborations with various artists like Maces, PR!CE, Banana Phone, Hearsay, and plenty more that I’m excited to show everyone.

Anything else you want to plug? ?

YES! I’ll be debuting my annual mix; New Year, New Blood: IV in a stream this year! I’ve teamed up with Nightenijn, Electric Hawk, Trillvo, Baked Up, and the Arcadium Project to bring a very unique stream lineup filled with custom visuals and stacked with IDs. I’ve brought PR!CE and Maces along to help round out the lineup and the stream will debut on Dec. 30 at 6pm PT/ 9pm ET on the Nightenjin twitch.

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