With TITUS, Maliboux drops the brand new heater "Gave It All Away"

We introduced Maliboux several times on Your EDM, most recently for his “Rock N Roll” collaboration with Nitti Gritti. Now he's back with another great track and he's mixing things up by going into the studio with TITUS on "Gave It All Away".

TITUS already has a wonderful voice, but by slightly auto-tuning it gets the top 40 rapper sound with a higher quality. The combination with the production of Maliboux gives "Gave It All Away" a wild, cross-genre appeal that checks both rap and EDM. It's not a combination that has never been done before, but the consistency Maliboux brings to each individual track makes it darn hard for anyone not to like this one.

The variation of the trap beat is halfway between heaven trap and deep house vibes, with almost fading basslines and those exaggerated, high-pass vocals. The more you listen to it, the more you pay attention to the detailed drum fills, the unique voice processing, the subtle synthesizers in the background and the cohesion between all parts.

Every time we hear "Gave It All Away" it just gets better. Start your journey now! Listen below.

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