Why The Batman Ended Up Utilizing That Nirvana Music In Its First Trailer

I just had an idea one day and I was like, ‘Oh, this, you know, in knowing the character that Matt is bringing to the screen, I just thought this, to me, feels like… if I were Batman, if I were Matt Reeves as Batman, what would be going through my head as I stood up on top of some building and just looked at the city?’ And I thought, ‘Yeah, this is what would get me going through my head.’ And so I wrote that, sent it to Matt and he really loved it. Then we had a chance to record a bunch of it when I was in London at one point, we did that, for no other reason than to maybe use it for trailers. I know Matt most importantly just wanted it to be able to edit with it. I wrote like 40 minutes or so of music, none of which to anything pictorially. It was just sort of like, ‘Well, here’s what I’m thinking, you know?’ And so who knows how much will last, and how much we’ll look at later and go ‘It doesn’t fit as well as we thought.’ But that particular, very simple main theme, you know, that’ll be there.

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