Why the Bachelor Peter Weber broke up with Kelley Flanagan after a "irritating" transfer

Unfortunately, one surge of turbulence recently turned out to be too much Peter Weber and Kelley FlanaganRomance.

The pilot announced on his Instagram on Thursday, December 31, that the couple had quit after nine months together. He stated that their relationship was "filled with countless fond memories" but that "it just didn't work out in the end".

The news came as a particularly surprising surprise to fans as the Season 24 Bachelor just announced on December 22 that the couple had decided to move to New York City together. As it turned out, the transition to the Big Apple exacerbated their problems.

"Peter ended up being the one who ended it with Kelley, but she 100 percent agreed they needed time apart," a source tells E! News exclusive. "They fought a lot and the move was very stressful and put a lot of pressure on them."

According to Insider, the third-placed is out Hannah BrownThe Bachelorette season is currently on the West Coast, around 2021.

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