Why It is Time For A Quidditch By The Ages Film

We Never Saw Quidditch Played At A High Level

Even when we saw Quidditch in Harry Potter, it was high school Quidditch at best. As mentioned, we saw the introductions during the Quidditch World Cup, but never anything that was all that remarkable in terms of skill and great ability. It was impressive when Harry swallowed that entire golden snitch and regurgitated it for the win, but hardly a move I would consider skilled.

I want to see the Michael Jordan of Quidditch doing what he does best. I want to see Beaters curving bludgers around the field, smacking the ball back and forth while Chasers are tossing the quaffle. Typically sports films can be a challenge to effectively choreograph so that the entire event is entertaining to watch, but in a sport like Quidditch? I think you could move the game around to a few different perspectives and make that a really engaging movie to watch.

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