What The Hustlers Forged Is Doing Now

Jennifer Lopez (Ramona Vega)

In the memorable role of Romana Vega, the veteran stripper who shows Destiny the ropes and eventually introduces her to a life of crime, Jennifer Lopez gave arguably the performance of her career in Hustlers. So much so that she seemed like an Oscar frontrunner, and many folks were mad when she wasn’t even nominated. Alas, while the Academy didn’t recognize her work, she certainly had more-than-a-few admirers.

Both as a musician and actress, Jennifer Lopez has established a long-standing career. Particularly as an actress, Lopez is known for Anaconda, Out of Sight, Maid in Manhattan, Monster-in-Law, Shall We Dance?, Gigli, The Cell, The Boy Next Door, Enough, The Wedding Planner, U-Turn, and Selena. She’s also known for TV shows like In Living Color, Shades of Blue, and American Idol.

Next, JLo produces and stars in the romantic comedy-musical, Marry Me, which hits theaters in May. Likewise, she’ll star in and produce The Godmother and Shotgun Wedding, both of which are in pre-production. She’s also the host of NBC’s World of Dance, which recently aired its fourth season.

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