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Watching YouTube Videos on Your Mobile Phone

Mar 19

Watching YouTube Videos on Your Mobile Phone


Hi, I'm Francisco, and I'm here to give you a quick overview of playing YouTube on your mobile phone. You can play YouTube right on the screen of hundreds of different phones. To access YouTube, go to on your phone's web browser. We've built a special, mobile version of the website. Navigating, searching, and watching millions of videos is simple, and it works just like on your computer. You can also login to your YouTube account, see your favorites, share, and comment on videos. That's it! it's simple to watch videos right on your cell phone. And if your phone can take videos, you can send them straight to your YouTube account. Not all phones are able to stream videos. To see if yours can, visit on your phone, and test out a video.

Lastly, and this is important — we highly recommend getting an unlimited data plan. Just like on your computer, YouTube doesn't charge you anything to use the site, But you may get charged for data use by your cell phone provider. If you're not sure if you have a data plan, contact your provider. Thanks, and have fun watching YouTube videos on your phone!.

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