Want a Decide-Me-Up? 21 Stars Reveal Their Go-To Snack

Kate Hudson’s Spring Weight Loss Goal After Baby No. 3

Hangry (adjective): bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger.

Raise your hand if you’ve personally experienced hanger. Yeah, both of our hands are up too. We all know that feeling when it’s technically in-between lunch and dinner and you don’t want to eat a whole meal but you definitely need something to hold you over before you end up losing some of your friends due to your short temper. But what to grab is often just as much of a struggle, which is why we asked some of our favorite celebrities to reveal their go-to snack.

Kate Hudson, Lauren Conrad and Padma Lakshmi all revealed their love for a classic fruit option, while star athletes like Naomi Osaka and Gabby Douglas revealed their goodies of choice to refuel after a tough workout. Plus, Joanna Garcia Swisher and Audrina Patridge just can’t resist saying “yes please!” to some cheese. 

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