Wait, Dermot Mulroney Performs Cello On A Bunch Of Michael Giacchino Scores?

As he’s released his sci-fi concept album Travelogue Vol. 1 onto the world, I was able to speak with Mr. Giacchino on behalf of CinemaBlend to discuss that album, as well as his career at large. Being a fan of his work since the early days of the Medal of Honor franchise, as well as the hit J.J. Abrams TV show Alias, there were a bunch of things I wanted to ask the man himself about when landing the opportunity to talk. One such subject was the fact that, quite frequently, Dermot Mulroney will actually play cello for Michael Giacchino’s scores, with credits for films like Mission: Impossible III, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and even both Dawn and War For The Planet of the Apes all peppering his musical repertoire. He not only confirmed that relationship with Mulroney, but he also explained how this partnership came to be:

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