Video of TI & Tiny Harris Allegations Goes Viral !!

A video containing multiple allegations of sexual assault and rape by rapper TI and his wife has gone viral online.

The video shows several reenactments while the allegations against the rapper are read out – we assume they are actresses.

The video was shared online from the Instagram page @notyourmodelvictim.

Check out the shocking video below:

Not much is known about the creators of the video – but the only person who follows the account is a lawyer named Tyrone Blackburn. According to his social media page, he specializes in sexual assault, sexual harassment, and other categories.

After several women came forward accusing the couple of sexual assault, violent drugs, and even rape, they released a statement denying the allegations.

“Mr. and Mrs. Harris want to be on record and, above all, to let the public know that they strongly deny the outrageously appalling allegations that Sabrina Peterson has made against them,” the statement said. “The Harrises have had trouble with this woman for more than a decade. They take this matter very seriously and if these allegations don’t end they will take appropriate legal action.”

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