Upcoming Robert De Niro Motion pictures: What’s Subsequent For The Hollywood Legend?

At this point in his career, Robert De Niro could sit back, polish his two Oscars (not to mention his Cecil B. DeMille Award) and rest on his laurels, but at least that’s not the living Hollywood legend’s style for the next Years. In the near future, the 77-year-old actor, director, producer and all-rounder will take on roles that meet some of the most important genres of his career. With comedies, dramas, another David O. Russell film, and an exciting crime thriller that sounds like heat on wheels, we’ll talk about the man who brought Travis Bickle, Jack Walsh and Max Cady to the big screen.

It’s hard to predict if any of Robert De Niro’s upcoming projects will take place in the same light as his previous, career-defining roles, but with another collaboration with Martin Scorsese, a project with James Gray, and some team-ups with some of Hollywood’s brightest Stars look pretty good for the legendary actor for the next few years. Let’s take a look at all of his confirmed projects.

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