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El Tonto – TBA (Post-Production)

What’s going on with El Tonto, the feature screenwriting and directorial debut of Charlie Day? The upcoming comedy finished production back in late 2018, and since then, it’s been left idling on the shelf. There’s no word yet on when it’s expected to come out or which studio might pick it up for distribution. But, one would think that it’s a project of interest, based on the talented cast involved.

Alongside Charlie Day, El Tonto will also feature Kate Beckinsale, Edie Falco, John Malkovich, Jillian Bell, Ray Liotta, Ken Jeong, Adrien Brody, Dean Norris, Glenn Howerton, Randy Orton, and Jason Sudeikis, to name only a few notable stars attached. It’s unclear what roles the supporting cast will play in the forthcoming film, but El Tonto follows a silent character known as The Fool (Day), i.e. “El Tonto,” who becomes an accidental celebrity, only to lose it all thereafter. Certainly, that’s a promising concept, as demonstrated by the high-profile talent involved in Day’s cinematic passion project. When it will come out, though, is anyone’s guess.

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