Unraveling the 2021 Grammy Nominations drama

The statement did little to suppress The Weeknd's contempt when he tweeted in response, "Are you planning a performance together for weeks to avoid getting invited? Zero nominations in my opinion = you are not invited!"

The academy's nomination process has always felt a bit puzzling and purposely opaque – look no further than the best new artist nominations of each year, many of which often have multiple albums and sometimes even previous Grammy nominations – and it seems unlikely to change no matter how much someone else protests.

As Harvey Variety said in the midst of the turmoil, "You know, it really just depends on the electoral body that decides. We have eight nomination slots to fill in [the four big categories: best album, song, album and new artist]. Five in others, and voters vote for their favorites. "He explained that a committee of about 20 music professionals are calling the Big Four and reducing a shortlist of the" top 20 voters in general "to even shorter lists.

"The people in this room care about it: there are no agendas there, there is no 'let's scold that person' or that person. It's about 'let's try to find excellence & # 39; # 39; "he explained. "Another thing to remember is that the committee cannot vote on something that isn't there." While he wouldn't comment on whether The Weeknd made the first shortlist, Harvey admitted that the omission wasn't reason enough for him to question their process.

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