Twilight Turns 12: Immerse your self within the franchise's most shocking secrets and techniques

17. After Reed dyed her hair blonde in the first film to play the Cullen family member Rosalie, she decided to wear a wig for the rest of the series to protect her hair. "My hair was falling out," she revealed to MTV about the damage she did to her hair after Twilight. "It initially took me 36 hours to get blonde, and every other day I bleached my head and skin. This time we test different wigs and things."

18. Other problems with wigs: After cutting her hair to play Joan Jett In The Runaways, Stewart had to wear a wig that raised many eyebrows for Eclipse. In the lead up to Breaking Dawn: Part 1, Stewart reassured fans that she would rock her own hair and revealed that Summit really didn't want her to cut her hair at all.

"They'll hate me for it, but they've offered me a lot of ridiculous … a lot of ridiculous things not to do," she said George Lopez 2010: "I totally understand, I just thought we had a better … wig, and um, it's okay, we worked it out, and hopefully, hopefully, hopefully it's okay now."

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