Tom Hanks believes Streaming Sea Change was due and the best way ahead is

At the age of 64, with a career spanning more than four decades, actor Tom Hanks can safely be considered one of Hollywood's senior statesmen. Tom Hanks has seen many changes in the entertainment industry over the years. In an interview with CinemaBlend, the actor stated that the next big change has come in the form of online streaming.

"A major change was due anyway. It came … The major change brought about by [the global health emergency] was a slow move. I think there will be a lot of movies that will just be streamed and it will be in Be okay to watch them that way because they are actually built, built and built for someone's pretty good widescreen TV that they have in their home, and there will be other movies playing in that window and people will flock to them to see them on the big screen while they have the chance. But no doubt we are actually in the great curve of change that I think was due. "
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After WarnerMedia recently announced that it would stream all upcoming films online at the same time as their box office debuts, the film industry was deeply divided. Longtime Warner partners like Christopher Nolan and Denis Villeneuve openly lambasted the company for disregarding the theater experience and insisted that laptop screens can never reproduce the effects of watching a movie on the big screen. But Hanks believes that it's not the size of the screen that matters, but the content of the film.

"When I was a kid and the ABC Sunday Night film played the first half of David Lean's Bridge Over the River Kwai in 1: 3: 3 with commercials, I still believed it was one of the greatest films ever I'd ever seen it and it was as primitive a display as possible. It was maybe even in black and white. I don't think the first time we had a color TV and you had to see the second half on Monday night. That wasn't the case. Take I'm happy. Now, with Netflix and other streaming services, we can of course sit on our couch anytime and watch a movie. If the movie is really great and engaging, you can still get away from it. I think that was one of the greatest movies ever I've ever seen. I saw that recently on [the HBO show] Chernobyl. "

Although Hanks has starred in some of Hollywood's most popular big screen offerings over the past few decades, he seems to have come to terms with the fact that movie theaters will lose a significant portion of the audience to online streaming platforms. It will be interesting to see how many of the actor's colleagues take a similar approach and how many will continue to fight for the theatrical experience. This message comes courtesy of CinemaBlend.

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