This Dr. 90210 affected person has a 3rd breast that she tucks in "like a clutch".

Woman with 3 breasts needs Dr. Qs help

Tired of hiding.

In this quick look at the brand new Dr. 90210 from tonight we are introduced Yolanda, a patient who was Dr. Suzanne QuardtHelp.

It's not immediately clear with what, so Yolanda begins to explain, as shown in the clip above: "I was 14 when I first noticed the lump under my arm."

"I would put it away, hide it like a clutch," she tells Dr. Q. "Or I've learned to control it where I suck it in. But it takes a little work."

Yolanda is so insecure about the appearance of the lump that she even "thinks about it when I shouldn't be thinking about it".

"It's embarrassing," she adds.

But as it turns out, Dr. Q relate.

"When I was growing up, I had very, very severe cystic acne," says plastic surgeon Yolanda. "In college, in medical school … I had a guy I dated who called me 'pizza face'. So I get it. I get it."

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