The touching method Missy Elliott made a struggling bride's wedding ceremony dream come true

This story could cause you to lose control of your emotions.

It's no secret that wedding dresses can come at a high price. But thanks to none other than Missy ElliottOne lucky bride from North Carolina was able to get the dress of her dreams for her milestone day.

It all started on November 17th when a woman named Ireanna Bradshaw went to twitter to share her story. "I'm getting married in March and trying to move into our own house. Excited but overwhelmed," she tweeted. "I've saved money; but it's still a struggle. I found my dream dress and I want to get it that bad, but between saving up for moving – I don't think it will be possible …"

The bride-to-be declared her progress with self-respect. "I never thought I would find love like this and never thought that anyone would want to marry me. With all of my previous insecurities, I never thought I was worthy of love," she wrote. "Loving myself made me ready for love. I would be so grateful to have support: anything would help." She added a photo of her profile on a money-sharing website along with a screenshot of a $ 1,299 wedding dress.

As luck would have it, the legendary rapper caught the wind of Bradshaw's story and showered her with good wishes.

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