The Good Physician’s Freddie Highmore on How Shaun Is Dealing with the Pandemic

Of all the pandemic-filmed shows that have debuted so far, The Good Doctor might just have ended up with the biggest responsibility of them all. 

It’s the first of the medical dramas to make their return during the coronavirus pandemic, giving viewers their first taste of what TV hospitals might look like now. How do you make an escapist hospital TV show that also realistically deals with the biggest medical crisis in recent memory? We’re about to find out. 

E! News chatted with star Freddie Highmore ahead of the season four premiere, and he spoke about how the show is balancing the real with the TV fantasy. 

“Of course we want to make a show that people are interested in watching and excited to watch, and it feels like we’re getting to see our characters in a way that we haven’t before,” he said. “But also it was very important to pay tribute to the real-life doctors who have been fighting this this virus for the last few months. I think it would have been remiss of us to have not dealt with it for that very reason.” 

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