The Challenge: All Stars Recap: Trishelle and Katie’s friendship implodes, as [Spoiler] Lose their arena brawl


If explosive combat and soapy drama are elements you missed in previous Challenge seasons, this week’s The Challenge: All Stars is the place for you.

Thursday’s second episode put the keen vets Katie and Trishelle into the spotlight, and when old wounds re-emerged for the women, it wasn’t long before the F-bombs flew and the nasty insults were hurled. Could the two legends help and which woman booked a return flight home? Let’s break it all down.

Trishelle tells Katie that she doesn’t want to be the first woman sent to pack, but if she is, she jokes that she will never speak to these people again. In an interview, she reminds us that she and Katie are very close and have lived together for years. She’s confident Katie will have her back 100 percent, and if that’s not a premonition or an adaptation of wizardry right there, I don’t know what it is. Katie, on the other hand, sounds less enthusiastic and discusses how strange it is to be living with a former roommate again now that she is in her forties. This friendship does not seem to survive the hour.

Elsewhere, Trishelle apologizes to Aneesa for a racially motivated exchange they shared at Rivals II. “The only regret that I left the last challenge is how I left it with Aneesa,” she confessed to the audience. “It burdens my heart and I really want to bring it out openly.” Trishelle tells Aneesa that what she said back then was insensitive to race and that it would never happen again. Aneesa accepts the apology. “It’s unfortunate that we had these hiccups nine years ago because we could have had a great friendship … I firmly believe in giving people room to grow,” says Aneesa. The two of them hug it and honestly we love to see it.

CHALLENGE DAY | It’s TJ’s favorite challenge: Trivia! This time the questions are all based on previous seasons. Players are lifted 30 feet above water in the air and with each wrong answer they are faced with stepping onto thin floors that eventually break and plunge them into the icy water below. The men’s round boils down to Nehemiah and Teck, but victory – and the lifesaver – goes to the former.

For the women, Trishelle falls first, which unfortunately sends her straight to the elimination. When Kendal is eliminated, she jumps out of the phone because she is afraid of failing. It’s a lame move that ultimately irritates everyone else … but more on that later.

Ruthie and Aneesa survive the rest, Aneesa takes victory and deserves security in the arena.

CONSIDERATION | Trishelle chats with some of her best friends about who to face in the arena. Beth’s name comes up, but the conversation quickly turns to Kendal’s performance. Trishelle decides to let the group decide instead of vying for a specific opponent.

At the house meeting, Jisela asks Kendal what happened. Kendal’s explanation is even more confusing than her actions. It’s a bunch as everyone is nominating Kendal except Darrell as the two buds are from their original Road Rules season. (I can’t blame anyone for that kind of rock solid loyalty).

KATIE AND TRISHELLE THROW DOWN | Trishelle is hurt that Katie didn’t tell her the result when she got back from the deliberation. “I think that’s misguided anger,” says Katie of confessional. “When Trishelle is stressed, she usually wants to frustrate me. But I don’t have to take anyone, and it sure won’t be hers. “

And then the fireworks start.

Katie’s screaming echoes around the house in the middle of the night. “F-king b-tch! I won’t let you talk to me like that anymore! “(Katie and Trishelle, ladies and gentlemen!)

Katie says she doesn’t make an effort to be “the Katie everyone remembers” (and yes, we all remember!). She talks about always having to appease Trishelle’s feelings, but Trishelle listens to her and counters that she’s always the one who has Katie’s back and she can no longer stick her neck out for her. “You have to ride or die. It’s weak and I don’t like it, ”Trishelle announced to everyone within earshot.

So … I know I praised Trishelle for her admirable growth and everything just a few paragraphs ago, but then she goes and unleashes that excessive pettiness on Katie, and well, it’s pure gold. “You’re trashy,” she simmers. And it’s not finished yet. After Katie leaves the room, Trishelle says to her castmates, “She has no friends and I have tons, so it’s fine.” We are really blessed to have this All Stars season my friends.

THE ARENA | The Elimination Battle du Jour is “Knot So Fast”, another icon. The women have to wrap a 200-foot rope around a playground-like structure and knot it as tightly and tightly as possible. After 20 minutes, the players swap and undo what their opponent has just tied. The first to free the rope remains in the game. Both women fight like hell, but this round goes to the Road Ruler.

Trishelle may not have been with us long, but what a show! Personal growth, drama, seedy one-liners … this is an all-star who got out way too soon.

Were you Team Trishelle or Team Katie? Does Kendal have what it takes to win this contest? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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