The best space films and how to watch them

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What makes a space film? Does it actually have to take place in space, and if so, how much? And how far should we courageously move away from the earth before we violate the plausibility parameters? These are questions we asked ourselves when we were putting together the best space movies available to watch while streaming, digitally renting or buying, or physical copies (if you still prefer).

We decided to focus mainly on classics like 2001: A Space Odyssey and modern masterpieces like The Martian, which involve the exploration of worlds beyond Earth, but are told almost exclusively from the perspective of the Earthlings. What these astronauts find (by choice or even as necessary) on their adventures ranges from mysterious to macabre or arouses homesickness. The following are our 14 favorite space movies and where to find them, starting with one of the subgenre’s most shocking true stories.

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