The Bachelorette’s Dale Moss Simply Proved He is Extraordinarily Unhealthy At Mendacity

He was gone for an excessive amount of time and the other men got tired of waiting, so one of them knocked on her door to find out what was going on. Clare and Dale frantically tried to look like they hadn’t just been making out on her bed and assumed casual positions in the living room. 

“We were just like…having a conversation,” Dale explained before trying to leave. Clare then chased him down for a goodbye hug, and he awkwardly laughed and asked if he could have “some of these snacks.”

“Those are dog snacks,” she told him.

“Oh, I don’t want those.” 

Dale then walked outside with a grin on his face and his tail between his legs to face a truly angry-looking group of guys.

“Oh my god. Um, I was tryin to like walk out, like leave a little bit early, but we were just like, dude, dying,” he said. “It was just funny.” 

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