The alternate model of the documentary “Avicii: True Tales” can be proven on-line [WATCH]

A scrapped 50 minute version of the Aviciidocumentary True stories found its way online via The Avicii Archives YouTube channel, revealing never-before-seen footage from the late producer.

director Levan TsikurishviliAvicii's longtime co-worker and friend collected years of footage to bring True Stories to life. If you've seen the movie, it's both inspiring and heartbreaking. an open look at the ups and downs of Avicii's superstar and the man behind it, Tim Bergling.

Tsikurishvili previously shared the project:

I wanted to make a brutally honest film about Tim as a person and not just Avicii. Everyone knows Avicii, but very few know Tim. I think this documentary really shows Tim's struggle and strength of character. Being a global superstar artist isn't as easy as it looks on Instagram.

When playing this version of the documentary, the differences are immediately apparent and the pace is much faster, with a strong emphasis on the writing process. While we love the way the finale came together, this is a must have for any Avicii fan.

Experience Avicii: True Stories from a different perspective.

Avicii: True Stories (Scrapped Version)

Photo via Sean Eriksson

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