That sneak peek at Zooey Deschanel on Jonathan Scott's HGTV present says a lot about their relationship

From that first kiss to that first date with parents, certain milestones mean it's time to take the next step in an emerging relationship. But when is it appropriate to invite your significant other as a guest on your reality TV show? This is a problem that we cannot identify with, but for Jonathan ScottThe answer is a little over a year in.

For the second season of Jonathan and his brother Drew & # 39;On the new HGTV show Celebrity IOU, the co-hosts asked Jonathan's friend New Girl Alaun Zooey Deschanelto make a special appearance. As fans know, the show finds celebs like Zooey giving back to loved ones by giving them a huge, super instagrammable makeover.

And in an exclusive look at the new season, Zooey, Jonathan and Drew surprise Sarah, The best friend of the actress and mother of two, with the announcement that her family's 900-square-meter home is getting a makeover. Outside, the trio are playing a ding-dong dig, waiting for Sarah to come out the door. Sarah freaks out, laughs and says, "What's going on here?"

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