Tessa Thompson Shares That She Was “Hit by a Massive Monster Truck” on New 12 months’s Eve

Tessa Thompson had a very fitting final experience to close out the disastrous year that was 2020.

The 37-year-old Westworld star appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday, Jan. 7, where she revealed that she thought she would spend a quiet New Year’s Eve driving to visit a friend, but it turned out to be far more memorable than she anticipated or wanted. 

“I drove up a mountain to go to a cabin, and I thought, This will be totally safe because I won’t see anybody,” she explained. “But I got into a car accident, so I did have a socially distanced interaction.”

As it turned out, the other driver was quite friendly, even if he did own an intimidating vehicle.

“I got hit by a big monster truck on the highway,” she continued. When host Jimmy Kimmel wanted to know if this was an actual monster truck, she clarified, “Let’s put it this way. It is as ‘monster’ as a truck could be, driving with a regular commercial license. I got hit, but I’m safe, obviously, and actually, the driver was very lovely in the end.”

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