Taylor Swift Makes Uncommon Remark About Her Relationship With Joe Alwyn

When it comes to balancing their private relationship with their public careers, Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn know it can be delicate. 

The “Gorgeous” singer gave fans a rare glimpse into the couple’s romance during a chat with Paul McCartney for Rolling Stone’s new cover story, released on Friday, Nov. 13.

The topic came up while Swift was talking to The Beatles icon at his London MPL Studios office in early October. During a discussion on lyrics, McCartney brought up the song “Peace” from Swift’s folklore album, noting he likes that one. Swift then explained the hit is “more rooted” in her personal life. 

“I know you have done a really excellent job of this in your personal life: carving out a human life within a public life, and how scary that can be when you do fall in love and you meet someone, especially if you’ve met someone who has a very grounded, normal way of living,” she told the 78-year-old artist. “I, oftentimes, in my anxieties, can control how I am as a person and how normal I act and rationalize things, but I cannot control if there are 20 photographers outside in the bushes and what they do and if they follow our car and if they interrupt our lives. I can’t control if there’s going to be a fake weird headline about us in the news tomorrow.”

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