Take a look at the video of Drakeo the Ruler for the brand new track "Fights Don & # 39; t Matter".

Drakeo the Ruler was released from prison on Wednesday and tonight he shared his first new song and video since his release. "Fights Don & # 39; t Matter" will appear in his upcoming project "We Know the Truth". According to Jeff Weiss, the song was "recorded three hours after leaving the Compton Courthouse – from scribbled texts written in solitary confinement to a video in 96 hours." Check it out below.

The Los Angeles rapper was released in time after signing a plea deal. He has been tried for conspiracy by a criminal gang and shooting from a motor vehicle. The rapper pleaded guilty to firing from a gang reform vehicle while charges of criminal gang conspiracy were dismissed.

Earlier this year Drakeo released Thank You for Using GTL – an album recorded on a prison phone while incarcerated in Los Angeles County's Central Men’s Prison.

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