Steve Harvey Provides Marjorie EARLY Christmas Current; She's beginning to cry !!

On Thursday, Steve Harvey decided to give his wife Marjorie an early Christmas present – he surprised his wife with a private dinner at the UAE's newest cultural landmark, the Dubai Frame.

This is the first time a private dinner has been hosted over the landmark.

As they rose to the top of the iconic attraction under the guise of an after-hours tour, Marjorie were greeted with photos of herself and Steve projected onto screens, a table for two, and her wedding song & # 39; Adore & # 39 ; from Prince that played in the background.

The night was so full of love that Marjorie got emotional and started to tear apart.

They dined on a six-course meal prepared by Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts.

Dubai Frame, the UAE's youngest cultural landmark, is an iconic structure that “frames” sweeping views of old and new Dubai while serving as a metaphorical bridge between the emirate's rich past and its grand present.

Offering spectacular panoramic views of the city, Dubai Frame celebrates the history of Dubai from its early creation to its ambitious plans for future development. The Dubai Frame is the largest picture frame in the world. Standing 492 feet tall, it offers expansive views of the modern Dubai skyline on one side and older parts of the city on the other.

Here is a video of their romantic evening together:

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