Stay Nation expects "Massive Scale Exhibits" to return subsequent summer season

Live nation is optimistic that live music will return in full force next summer.

Despite the mass cancellation of shows, tours and festivals due to the pandonavirus pandemic (COVID-19), Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino expect a "robust summer outdoor season". He says fans can look forward to "big-scale shows next summer".

Rapino continues: "From hygiene procedures for venues to fan-friendly guidelines to ticket purchases and the latest testing options, we set standards that give fans, crews and artists security before, during and after the show."

Despite Live Nation's 95.1% revenue decline in the third quarter – from $ 3.77 billion to $ 184 million – he says future events like Download and Isle of Wight drive sales.

However, Rapino admits that "the road to life (music) will not be a straight line". In the months and maybe years to come, Live Nation needs to “maintain flexibility and focus on innovation”.

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Source: NME

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