"Sprint & Lily": Shawn Levy Reveals How This Nick Jonas Cameo Bought Collectively

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(Editor's note: includes spoiler through the first season finale of Dash & Lily, "New Years".)

As you may have noticed when Dash & Lily was first released on Netflix, Nick Jonas is serving as executive producer alongside Shawn Levy. Levy and Jonas have known each other for some time after they first crossed paths for the night in Museum 2, in which Jonas plays a singing marble cherub. Although this film was made over 11 years ago, Levy was still pretty clear then that Jonas had serious ambitions, especially for "creative fulfillment". While Jonas' abilities as a producer didn't necessarily surprise Levy, he was impressed by the variety of areas in which Jonas contributed.

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Image via Netflix

One might expect Jonas to be an excellent contributor when it comes to soundtrack and score, but Levy also stressed that he was "so clear in his opinions and contributions on casting notes, script feedback, editing notes" and that Jonas " a natural production talent. “And Jonas' contribution to the show didn't even stop there. As you have now seen, he was also featured in the final episode of season 1. The thing is, however, that they didn't plan for Jonas to appear on the show. It all came from a spark of inspiration behind the scenes at the Hollywood Bowl. This is how Levy put it:

“I think the fans might find it interesting that Nick Jonas and I produce this together from day one. Nick was never intended to star in Dash & Lily. We were more than in the middle of filming when I took some of my daughters to see Nick and his brothers at the Hollywood Bowl. I went backstage to say hello and it was literally Nick, me, Joe, Kevin and Priyanka hanging out in their tiny green room with my two younger daughters and Nick and I started talking and suddenly we said: "Hey, are there any? How could we make a spontaneous cameo? "And this entire sequence was conceived in 15 minutes over a tequila backstage at the Hollywood Bowl."

So you are more than in the middle of filming and suddenly have to put together an entire concert scene. How exactly does it go so fast? Levy stated:

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Image via Netflix

“In her honor, the entire production team gathered to find out how the hell we were going to create this cameo that wasn't small or ambitious. We figured out all of this in two weeks. I share it because it's really fun, that this job of telling stories on film or television has a certain creative energy and while the process is big and the names get more famous, the budgets get bigger, there is some fun in it breakaway film school to the job. And it was very fun and really enjoyable to develop this cameo, to construct it and to do everything on the fly. "

Here you go! That's the story of how Nick Jonas' cameo was made in Season 1 of Dash & Lily. If you're looking for even more Dash & Lily content, Collider is the place for you. Click here for the rest of my chat with Levy, here for our interview with Austin Abrams and Midori Francis and Here for a spoiler talk with Dante Brown and Troy Iwata.

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