Sound Trailers and Trucks Designed to Meet Your Needs

B&W Build is a Johannesburg-based company that builds custom experiential vehicles, trailers, décor and props which are used all over the African continent for events & brand activations. There is a world of possibilities, and we can help you bring your ideas to life! We can design and build solutions to integrate perfectly with your marketing campaigns, events, locations, or digital requirements.
We offer:
(Marketing vehicles, Roadshow vehicles, Mobile event trailers, Custom containers
Tiny houses, Custom trailers, Sound trucks, Beer vending trailer, Tuk-tuks, Food trucks
Gig rigs, Promotional trucks, Promotional marketing vehicles, Custom-built vehicles
Bus modifications, Trailer stages, Specialised vehicles, Custom Harley Davidsons
Bespoke vehicles, Custom creations & inventions, Music Buses)
Exceptional Solutions in a class of their own.

B&W Build is able to design any trailer or sound truck to meet your specific needs and requirements. We design and build both large and small sound trailers and trucks to cater to any type of roadshow!

One of our magnificent trailers was designed to incorporate speakers, lighting and a full-size stage. These sound trailers and trucks are perfect for small or big events and can be branded to show off your company and its products.


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