Soho Karen Bikini Pics LEAK; Plus She’s Allegedly Linked To A BILLIONAIRE!!

The story of Soho Karen, real name Miya Ponsetto is getting more and more interesting. MTO News learned that a group of internet detectives located some pictures of Miya from before the incident – including some bikini pictures. And the same people claim that Miya has ties to a BILLIONAIRE.

The pictures of Mya that were found, included at least one bikini picture. They were very interesting. Look:


The last picture is the most interesting. 

The man in the image looks remarkably similar to the billionaire Alexandre Mille, son of luxury Swiss watchmaker Richard Millie. Miya allegedly used to work as a receptionist for the Watch company in Beverly Hills – and it could be where she met Alexandre – who is the heir to more than a billion dollars.


The IG page that leaked the images is calling Alexandre Miya’s “sponsor,” but so far there is insufficient evidence to make that claim. It is interesting, however, that Miya and Alexandre appear to have some type of relationship though.

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