Snowpiercer EP breaks final twists, including Melanie’s fate – but teases [Spoiler]Season 3 return


The following contains major spoilers from the two-hour season two finale of Snowpiercer.

How did TNT’s Snowpiercer possibly reach his first final where two moves became one?

How about if you demonstrably split a train into two parts – and then drive back the streamlined “pirate train” with 10 cars to find the stranded engineer Melanie … just to show Layton (Daveed Diggs) and Alex (Rowan Blanchard) that she didn’t survive her lengthy isolation on the research station.

Or did she?

TVLine spoke to Tomorrow Studios executive producer Becky Clements about Melanie’s fate, the latest train world order, the arrival of season three and more.

TVLINE | Discuss the plan to extend Melanie’s fate for the second half of the season. Was it about losing Jennifer Connelly at some point, but wanted to keep the character “around” a little longer?
Basically yes. Jennifer has been a great partner in this area and also has a very busy professional life…. [Showrunner] Graeme [Manson] knew very early on, so he and the writing team came up with this really great idea of ​​the research station and then the “time collision” that took us through to the end of the season. With the ticking clock, “We have to make sure we have a place to be at a certain time!” is always valuable, and with a very limited Wilford always wondering what happens. When this creative decision was made at the beginning of the season break, it was exciting to hear. It’s always fun to have a strong emotional reaction to a creative pitch.

TVLINE | It also planted a secret for a couple of episodes. “We saw what Melanie saw, but what will lead to this shocking moment?”
I agree. We always talk about the show when multiple genres are merged into one. There is character drama, of course, but it’s also a genre show and it’s action adventure too. We always try to give the audience a little taste of all three in each episode.

TVLINE | It took Snowpiercer 30 days to get back to Melanie. How long did it take Layton’s “10 car pirate train” to get back to the research station? How much longer did Melanie have to hold out? Was it a week, was it three …?
It wasn’t three weeks. I want to say that we ended up somewhere about five or six days, though in the end I don’t remember what it was.

TVLINE | Because I was surprised, she went through the rats so quickly. There seemed to be a big nest of them next to the thermal vent.
After all, they weren’t fat. [Laughs] There’s not much meat in a rat like that.

TVLINE | You kind of left the door open. I mean, Melanie wasn’t found dead. It could have been discovered and rescued by a group of nomads we didn’t know existed …
She could; That might be a bit of “jumping the shark” based on everything we’ve put so far, but …

TVLINE | She’s done, shouldn’t we speculate?
I don’t know if I will find out that she is “finished”, but I don’t know that she is alive.

TVLINE | H.Have viewers seen the last of Jennifer Connelly’s?
We are happy that Jennifer will be there for the third season.

TVLINE | By the end of season one, I had no doubt that Josie (Katie McGuinness) had frozen to death after her fight with Melanie. When she showed up in Season 2, it seemed like you had reconsidered this character’s fate.
It’s funny – we actually shot their season 1 recreation scene. So you wanted to answer the Josie story by the end of season 1, but instead it was a cliffhanger that we used in season 2.

TVLINE | What value did you see in keeping your character?
We love Katie; I always describe this character, especially from Season 1, as sort of an emotional and moral center of the tail. Whatever the plans, it was Katie’s performance of that character, her vulnerability, and her expression of love for the whole cock that caught the eye. She’s a kind of “mother,” and when she called that extremely powerful, there was something about her. We thought it would be interesting to take someone who is always as sure about how they approach a situation that the “genre piece” affects them and see what they do when it is some kind of “superhero” – Extension there. That was the idea behind it.

TVLINE | At the very end of the final, Ben Layton, Josie and Till warned: “We have some weather ahead of us.” Is the weather almost a new character in season 3?
Yeah, it’s definitely a new character. Climate change is something Graeme always talks about, and it’s such a powerful topic that we all have very strong feelings. But it’s also a difficult topic because it can paralyze people – everyone wants to help, many aren’t sure what to do, but everyone is talking about it.

We have to keep reminding people that we need to take care of our earth and how fragile a moment we are in is. That’s part of it. But also, [weather brings] the idea of ​​hope. We are organisms that are part of something bigger, and the possibility that the earth can repair itself is hopeful.

TVLINE | But is the weather a potential threat to our heroes? If things warm up, tracks could be flooded …?
With pleasure, yes. I don’t know we’ll be doing floods in Season 3, but there is definitely an adjustment, including the train and how it works – how quickly does the engine warm up? Can we be self-sufficient in this environment? It’s a really transition moment for Snowpiercer and the Pirate Train, as well as for what can be in the world.

TVLINE | It sure looks like Miss Audrey (Lena Hall) rightly relapsed under Wilford’s influence.
She did, this troublemaker. Yes she has. She’s been torn knowing she’s in love with someone who may be purely evil, but she can’t help how she feels.

TVLINE | How concerned should we be that an outwitted, already psychotic Wilford (Sean Bean) is now uncontrollably responsible for a 1,000-car train?
You should be concerned. You should be concerned. There are a few people who could possibly curb him – Ruth (Alison Wright) is there – but you should be concerned. An untested Wilford is no good. But it’s definitely fun to watch Sean do it! [Laughs]

TVLINE | Is season 3 almost some kind of chase between the two trains?
There will be some car chases, but it won’t be all season. We definitely have a lot of narratives. There is survival, there is [what happened to] Melanie, there is research on the train, there is the ultimate goal….

TVLINE | Because Layton wants to catch up with her train and bring it back, but Wilford sure doesn’t want that to happen.
They definitely have different agendas. You will never see eye to eye.

TVLINE | I suppose fish is now off the menu for everyone….
I know! It’s kind of sad … But wasn’t that visual effect awesome? [Visual effects supervisor Geoff Scott and visual effects producer Darren Bell] did a great job with it.

TVLINE | I need to know, should that be a real Ferris wheel in the carnival car …?
We had something people were sitting in, yeah! But here’s the thing: we had to film Carnival after we had to shut down for COVID. While it was amazing and they did a great job, it would possibly happen on a larger scale and with more people involved.

TVLINE | And finally, season 3: Where does the new character of Archie Panjabi (The Good Woman) come from?
Ohhh, this is going to make season 3 super exciting – definitely a reason to tune in. It’s kind of a collision of all of the things we’ve discussed that come together.

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