Shadows and bones are so much more than your typical YA show

Yes, Shadow and Bone is based on a young adult novel, but it’s not the cheesy, awkward show of our childhood. You could even say it achieved what Twilight never could, and that creates an act that doesn’t quite get you out of the moment – sorry, Stephenie Meyer.

From the first episode on there is a lot of catching up to do as viewers are really introduced to a whole new world. There is the Grisha, people born with the ability to influence the elements of the world, similar to Avatar. Then there are the everyday people, whose normality makes them inferior to the Grisha.

Whether you are a Grisha or not is determined by a childhood test that Alina (Jessie Mei Li) did and did not quite go through. So she grew up not knowing that she was basically a saint.

All of these people are united against the Shadow Fold, a dark region created by the Darkling and inhabited by monsters called Colcra. It divides the land of Ravka in half, creating a treacherous journey for anyone looking to travel through hostile areas to the north or south.

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