See the first glimpse of season 4 of Good Girls

There is still a lot to do in season four of Good Girls.

Almost a year ago fans were left on a real cliffhanger when the coronavirus pandemic ceased production on season three of the NBC series. Although the network ordered 16 episodes of the popular show, fans only received 11 episodes.

That is, Beth (Christina Hendricks), Ruby (Straight) and Annie (Mae Whitman) had more up their sleeves when the cameras stopped rolling. So, as Retta puts it, “There are a few problems to be solved.”

In an exclusive first look at season four, the cast reveals how those hiccups made an action-packed season possible that shouldn’t be missed.

What can we look forward to, you ask?

Well there’s the little fact that Dean (Matthew Lillard) is now a full member of Beth’s criminal enterprise, which Christina describes as “really interesting”.

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