Ryan Reynolds Trolls Blake Energetic With PSA on “What Dicks to Keep away from”

Your move, Blake Lively.

When it comes to trolling, Ryan Reynolds and his wife of eight years have become experts. The celebs, who share three kids together, love to playfully tease each other over social media, to the delight of fans around the world. And on Wednesday, Dec. 16, the Deadpool star took to Instagram to continue the fun and games.

After seeing a video on the Frida Mom Instagram page, hilariously advising new moms “what dicks to avoid” after giving birth, Ryan just couldn’t help but give Blake a shout-out. In the comments of the clever PSA, the actor wrote, “I’d tag @blakelively but I’m afraid that might not go well for me.”

But, in true Ryan fashion, he did actually tag the Gossip Girl alum in the comment.

“This one goes out to all new moms: 6 weeks. 0 dicks. We’re not just talking in the vag (you’ve been told nothing inside you for 6 weeks post-baby) – we’re talking about those other dicks making postpartum life even tougher,” the caption on the video reads. “Watch + learn what dicks to avoid – and tag a mom who wishes this was the hospital video she had when she gave birth.”

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