Run: 12 films and TV exhibits to look at for those who just like the Hulu thriller

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It wasn't much of a surprise that Run turned out to be such an exhilarating and fast-paced thriller, considering it has a killer performance by Sarah Paulson and is directed by acclaimed filmmaker Aneesh Chaganty. What was quite surprising is that Hulu's exclusive film set a new record for the most viewed film in the history of the digital platform.

I imagine there is now a legion of fans of the domestic drama in which disabled teenage girl Chloe Sherman (real wheelchair user Kiera Allen in a stunning feature film) suspects her mother Diane (Sarah Paulson) didn't Be honest with her about pretty much everything in her life, even more stories about mothers from Hell. Thankfully, there are plenty more movies and TV shows about crazy mothers, psychopathic dads, and other close relatives or trusted friends with a scary hidden agenda that you can stream or rent right now. However, if this particular topic falls short for you, I have a few other suggestions that at least fall under the same exciting tone.

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