Reunification thwarted COVID lockdown once more with maskless, renegade rave

Event organizer in August ReUnite The EDM and event community was massively upset that they hosted a desert rave in the middle of the pandemic. Rumors of disguising themselves as a BLM protest and someone who died at the event also spread and only fueled the fire of people's anger.

Last night, ReUnite thwarted the COVID lockdown rules again through another event led again by a man named Rick Silver. The event of this iteration didn't receive the same anger as the last, either because most people aren't aware of it yet, or because the quarantine has simply grown tired. (As we all understandably have.)

However, as the events industry prepares to potentially reopen next year, provided there is an effective vaccine, proper social distancing rules, rapid tests, etc., events like these, which are more likely to spread the virus, give government officials less reason to actually trust anyone who follows guidelines.

From the stories posted on Instagram (below), which are bold in and of themselves, it emerges that hundreds of people attended the event, all without masks or any kind of social distancing. As tired as we are of quarantine, gatherings like this are only meant to keep going and push them further into the future.

The US is currently seeing a massive spike in COVID cases after Halloween weekend. With Thanksgiving right behind us and Christmas and New Years on the way, right now is the worst time for this type of event.

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