Rasheeda Frost reveals her plan for the start of 2021

Rasheeda Frost I just showed her plan for early 2021 to her fans and IG supporters. Check out the post she posted on her social media account below.

"Sooooo, as we approach the new year, it is time for our annual fast, which begins on January 1st. We have been doing this for so many years and usually 60 days!" Are you down ??? Give up some of the things you love most and show God your discipline and yes, you have to pray! Let me know what you are willing to give up and let's do it together !!! @ frost117 said he left, also give up his clipper and let his hair grow out. “Rasheeda labeled her post.

Kirk hopped in the comments and said, "We're starting the fast tonight."

Someone said, "Same sister, no bread for me either, but I'll take away rice too." ?? ’and another follower posted:’ Ramadan is just around the corner, so I'll wait. ’

A follower posted this message: “I have to cut out the pop, I made bread that was hard. Another thing I want to give up is my WINE! I really don't know how to do this! "

Someone else said, "I'm going to give up being toxic, staying off social media and eating meat, and my determination in New York is fulfilling my dream, it will take time but I will make it through by the grace of God. "

One commenter said, "Sugar and carbohydrates are my weaknesses. I have to do this when I'm down." And someone else wrote this: "With your figure girl, please don't need a quick lol."

In other breaking news, Rasheeda Frost posted an announcement about the NYE event on her social media account.


Many fans said that this was the worst idea and the event could turn out to be a super spreader.

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