Rapper BlocBoy JB needs to enter the boxing ring with Jake Paul !!

After Jake Paul's amazing fight with Nate Robinson, rapper BlocBoy tells JB he wants to step into the ring with the Youtuber boxer.

"Jake Paul, you have to see me after that," BlocBoy said on Instagram Story. "I'm not going to lie, I don't like the way you made my boy. To my mom. You have to see me."

He continued, "This one. I'm the goddamn king, n * gga. You want this one, you sure can get it," while kissing his knuckles.

Last year, Soulja boy challenged Jake Paul – but the pair never made it into the ring. Will Jake Paul take up the challenge?

On Saturday night at the Staples Center, Jake Paul took on former NBA dunk champion Nate Robinson and threw him cold on the floor for the first two rounds.

The bout served as a preparation for Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. The match between the two boxing legends has been labeled a tie – although many believe Tyson was indeed the real winner.

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