Queen Elizabeth releases particular message of hope for Christmas Eve 2020

Queen Elizabeth posted a message of hope for her followers and fans this week. Royal family lovers know that the Queen rarely releases a message to the public, but when she does, many people around the world listen to what she has to say.

According to page 6, Elizabeth posted a video on her Twitter account talking about 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic, including the response from frontline health workers. In addition to praising the health workers, Elizabeth urged her supporters to continue the fight and not to lose the faith.

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Elizabeth said in her video that "for Christians," Jesus was the "light of the world," but many of his followers cannot praise him as they normally would this year. The Queen went on to say that the public "needs life to go on".

Although 2020 has been a tough year for people around the world, there have been some good results including the way people have come out to support one another during such difficult times, the Queen explained.

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?? "In the UK and around the world, the people of the year faced the challenges of the year brilliantly, and I am so proud and moved by this calm, indomitable spirit."

In its 2020 broadcast, The Queen reflects on kind actions in this extraordinary year. pic.twitter.com/iKa67aZEUZ

– The Royal Family (@RoyalFamily) December 25, 2020

The Queen says she is particularly “inspired” by the people who have come out to help others. As most know, this all comes at an especially bad time for the UK, considering that many Western governments have closed their borders with the nation.

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In addition, it has been reported that the UK is home to a new strain of coronavirus that has endangered other countries and nations. The UK government has put in place strict bans to prevent the virus from spreading further.

The news of the lockdown and Queen Elizabeth's comments comes after Christmas Mass was canceled. Many countries in the European Union have closed their borders with the UK because they fear travelers will spread the new strain of coronavirus.

Countries like the United States of America and Canada have closed their borders with Great Britain. Countries have been reported to have asked citizens to close business during the holidays. This is usually a time when business is slow anyway.


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