Quando Rondo’s Brother Charged w/ King Von Homicide (Retaliation Expeceted)

Atlanta Police have charged rapper Quando Rondo’s brother, who is currently receiving treatment at an Atlanta hospital, with felony murder in the death of Chicago rapper King Von.

Police said on Saturday afternoon that 22-year-old Timothy Leeks was hospitalized due to a gunshot wound where he was later arrested for King Von’s murder.

Timothy who is believed to be the “brother” of rapper Quando Rondo – was shot during the same incident where King Von was shot and killed. Police believe that Quando Rondo’s crew and King Von’s crew got into a shootout against each other.

Timothy’s follows the shooting of Von and two others on Friday morning. According to Atlanta Police, off-duty officers were working an extra job at Monaco Hookah Lounge. 

They said two groups of men started to argue with each other outside the lounge and the disagreement quickly led to gunfire between the two groups. One of the off-duty officers and an on-duty office who was in the area both confronted the gunmen resulting in more gunfire.

Quando Rondo, a popular rapper affiliated with NBA Youngboy, took his brother to the hospital with his Gunshot wounds. Video was captured on IG. Look:

Police said they found three suspects with gunshot wounds who were taken to an area hospital for treatment soon after. 

 So far, police have only announced a murder charge for Leeks.

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