Porsha Williams presents a brand new episode of her podcast together with her sister Lauren and mom Diane

Porsha Williams shared a video on her social media account with her sister Lauren and mother Diane. Check out the video she posted on IG below.

“NEW EPISODE TOMORROW !!! In the meantime, subscribe to Porsha4real on Apple Podcasts! @ porsha4real @msdianeofficial @lodwill ’Porsha has given her post a title.

Someone said, "Ok, ladies look beautiful, happy holidays," and one commenter posted this message: "You are all beautiful, your mom looks so young and beautiful."

One follower wrote: "Porsha, you are PERFECT" where can I get these bundles sister? "

Someone else said, "You mom look so young what is she using? Skin care? Don't just tell me soap and water," and another follower wrote, "I absolutely love the podcast ladies, keep it up."

One Follwoer wrote: "@ porsha4real Your mom is absolutely beautiful" and someone else said, "The young lady who appeared in the chat room with Portia last night doesn't look like the Lauren I see often."

One commenter brought up Kenya Moore, saying, "This is what Kenya doesn't have. Instead of being too nice to have love around, she's busy being a hater."

Porsha Williams shared a few family pictures on her social media account that impress fans.

We encourage you to look at the photos on IG.

Porsha Williams shared a video on her social media account Dennis McKinley and her daughter PJ.

You should check out the video she recently put on her IG account.


Porsha lives her best life with her family over the holidays, and her fans and followers are here for that.

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