Porsha Williams' household photographs impress followers – individuals are assured that she and Dennis McKinley will assist

Porsha Williams shared a few family pictures on her social media account that impress fans. We encourage you to check out the photos on IG below.

One fan said, “This is a blessing for PJ to see this as she gets older! "And one follower posted:" Haha … I'm sorry, but I thought it was Peter for a moment. "

Another said, “Sister, you and Dennis, you'd better find out. Find out. Get married. hurry up and have PJ # 2 …. Stop playing. & # 39;

One follower said, "Porsha and Dennis are shooting at their chairs again ? ♥ this ♥ ️" and someone else posted this message, "He will go in and out for as long as you allow. Nothing else." Bc he knows how much you want it and you will go far to convince us that it is something it will never be. ️♀️ another sad song. ? ’

Someone else said, "Yeah, Dennis is bringing our family back together," and one commenter wrote, "Girls, how are you going to move on when you're taking pictures like this?"

One fan said, “Yay !!! Porsche and Dennis. Whatever it is! I like to see smiling faces! Just lucky, "and someone else posted this message," Just wondering when the next breakup is because we know it's coming or that you throw the headline 'It's for the family' further out.

One follower said, “Why the hell did I think this was Peter Thomas? Smh and others posted this "You look great"! What is understood does not need to be explained. "

Another wrote, “I love growth. Most people don't understand having a boyfriend in a baby daddy so they wouldn't understand. Nice for you. & # 39;

Porsha Williams shared a video on her social media account Dennis McKinley and her daughter PJ.

Check out the video she recently put on her IG account.


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