Pixar's soul will get new featurettes, soundtrack albums

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Soul jazz band

soul is one of the best movies of the year (it also topped our list of the best Disney + movies of 2020), and a big part of its charm is its dazzling original score. The film about a jazz obsessed middle school teacher named Joe Gardner (Jamie Foxx), whose life is pending on the eve of his big break, has an intriguing, hybridized approach to music that is completely outside the realm of the normal Pixar process. And a new behind-the-scenes feature explains what makes the music in this film so special.

"For most of the films at Pixar, we've chosen the classic Hollywood orchestral scores," explains soul director (and Pixar's chief creative officer) Pete Docter in the video. "In this film there was something about the story and the feel of this place that demanded something different." Co-director and co-writer Kemp Powers added, "Jazz itself is like another character in the movie."

For the jazz music, the team relied on original compositions by Jon Batiste. The soul animators even watched Batiste play and animate the music. Batiste also provided the music for all real things. But when the film merges into the ethereal soul world, when Joe sees himself disembodied from his earthly form, Docter relied on original compositions by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. Yes it is Nine inch nails/ Pixar crossover you've all been waiting for.


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"We had to think about how these otherworldly levels will sound, what kind of instruments and what role music will play in it, how these levels will feel," explains Reznor in the featurette. And when you're tired of the aggressive, flawed submission of the recent Reznor / Ross scores, get ready – this is glitzy and impressive. It could be her best score yet (yes, it's even nicer than her more traditional one Deficiency Score from earlier this year). Later in the featurette, Reznor comments, "This ability to enhance the way someone experiences something emotionally is why we do it."

The soul albums will be released in three configurations starting tomorrow: there will be a digital release that will give you both sides of the soul experience with a single download or stream, and there will be a pair of vinyl releases, one featuring Batiste's jazz compositions and the other with Reznor and Ross & # 39; beautiful, dreamy electronic score. Both will be available tomorrow. "Between Trent and Atticus and Jon Batiste, we had to explore a lot in this film and take people to places beyond the world – literally out of this world," said Docter in the featurette. It's true: this music for soul is really out of this world.

Pixar's soul will be Disney + on Christmas Day.

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