Paris Hilton remembers feeling “harm every single day” as a sworn statement towards boarding college in Utah

TO UPDATE: Utah legislature passed law to prevent child abuse in government care facilities Paris Hilton publicly endorsed.

In a statement on E! On the news, the celebrity thanked lawmakers who supported the law, saying, “After experiencing abuse at Provo Canyon School, it was incredibly empowering to stand up for and endorse the SB 127 with the Senator support.” Mike McKell, a law that increases oversight of the Troubled Teen Industry in Utah, including severely restricting the use of restraint, drug and seclusion rooms. “

“I needed this bill when I was in nursing homes and it is an honor to support the thousands of teenagers who are now better protected,” she continued. “This is just the beginning – I plan to approach the federal arena with a bill that will protect young people across the country in such facilities.”


Paris Hilton testified in a Utah court on Monday, February 8, about abuse allegedly witnessed as a teenager while at a boarding school in the state.

Her testimony against Provo Canyon School supported a Utah bill aimed to end abuse in the state’s state care facilities. Law SB 127 was passed unanimously in the Utah Senate.

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