Parasite: 13 Behind-the-Scenes Details You Might Not Know About

Even in a career full of highs, including Memories of Murder, The Host (2007), Snowpiercer, and Okja, Parasite exceeded expectations of becoming one of the most triumphant films in recent history – if not all time. Parasite is the winner of the Palme d & # 39; Or at the Cannes Film Festival, best picture at the Oscars and top of multiple critics' "Best of the Year" list -hos status as a prestige filmmaker on a world scale. Now that Parasite keeps finding its audiences at home, many people will wonder how this film was made and what it took to create such a great, groundbreaking work of art.

Certainly, parasite is not made overnight. It takes a lot of talented people and a strong vision to get there. If you loved this Oscar-winning movie, here are some notable behind-the-scenes facts about parasite.

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